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Our Workshops
Spilno is a safe place for creativity, fun and friendship
We are painting whatever we want

At the embroidery workshops we learn about Ukrainian traditions and of course make our own embroidery
We craft, have fun and eat cookies

Support Us
We all know how important it is to help and support. Even a small action is better than nothing. That is how our library is created, everyone shares a book and now we have 2179 books.

But now we are talking now about the books, but about financial donation. We are grateful to each person who donates us, as we really have many needs. One of the most urgent ones is the rent. At the current moment we have no money for the rent payments for the next year. And with regular donations, we will have a chance to plan the work of our library, make it cosier and make our events more interesting.

Any regular donation is a great support for us. For example, 5 donations in 20€ is 1/3 of the rent payment. 233 donations in 2€ is the rent payment and utilities. Now Spilno library is tax exempt within Estonian tax system.

Support Us
About us
Spilno is a charitable project created by the people who love reading
We want to help children by providing them not only the access to the books in native language, but also space for their creativity. It’s important that children living in Estonia could spend time at interesting events and make friends with each other. Or they can just read an interesting book. We have books not just in Ukrainian, but also in Estonian and Russian.
If you have a question, send a message to Telegram or an email to spilno.ee@gmail.com
Feel free to write us
+372 5913 3929

Maneeži 3 - 214, Tallinn

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